Miami Spring Break

Hey guys, I recently just got back from Miami and let me tell you it was the most, perfect little getaway, AND very needed. Spring break 2017 went down like this: My two friends and I stayed at the gorgeous Fountain Bleu in South Beach (I totally recommend it) but we had to check out the new-bee in town and headed over to, 1 Hotel South Beach, I was dying to see the new space! I mean, how amazing is this lobby?!?! Oh and my outfit, duh.

My Birthday is in One Week!

Ahhh! I am going to be 20…Happy early birthday to myself.  This is a throwback to my birthday last year of my Mom and I.  We always have so much fun wherever we go and I know I will always have the BEST time with her. There’s nothing like having a fashionable Mom, but not to mention a cool one who obviously has been to all the hottest places before you can even try and get a dinner reservation.  We got dressed up, got our makeup done at BG, did a little dancing and went to the Polo Lounge for dinner which was soooo yummy! We were having so much fun we almost dropped an absurd amount of money at the nicest suite at the St. Regis. Oh the memories… talk about “in the moment” kind of thing if ya know what I mean! hahaha shop my dress from below.

Dash Stores

look back at it

Cheetahhhliicciiouusss. RAWR! There is nothing I love more than animal print!!! Cheetah, zebra etc. You name it!  A pattern like this is one of the most flattering prints, if it is pulled off correctly. Paired below are my cheetah, silk, pants singed at the ankle with a black, sheer long sleeve top and black pumps. Shop my look down below and…don’t forget that selfie! Have a cheetahlicious day!

Cheetah Pants Black Sheer Top Black Pumps

Party In The Back

When there’s a party in the front AND the back. Yes girl! Totally rocked this look that is hands down the most fun to wear! I had to bring out my classic, paisley, party pants, just this time I added more color to really give this look more oomph. I also love the incredible detail in this white, silk blazer.  I am not usually into crop tops but because these silk pants can be worn as high waisted, I thought both pieces balanced each other out! Also guys, my burgundy clutch with the big “J” on the front is Juicy Couture which is, like, extremely old.  (I’m talking like 10 years old, if you know what I mean)  At the time, this blazer was found at a boutique down the shore, but everything else from this outfit can be shopped down below.

Fringe Heels Coral Crop Top



Guys!!! Spring is just around the corner but that doesn’t mean these bad boys get lost in the shuffle! I am so excited to bring out these cheetah, silk pants! Because they’re silk they are not to heavy which makes them great in the spring. They’re perfect for any dinner or evening occasion.  Love a good cheetah outfit, always.

Pink Herve Leger

I die for the color pink AND an Herve Leger dress. AHHHH!!! Speaking of one of my favorite all time looks. I rocked this pink Herve lever dress to my senior prom and I can assure you, it is the hottest dress for any occasion. Consider this your “go to” if you don’t know what to wear out.

Ya know what I mean?

Weddings, formals, bat mitzvahs, nights out in Miami, you name it you can wear it, so choose wisely.  Not only are the dresses extremely flattering but they have so many beautiful designs and patters it’s hard to turn one down! These dresses are on the more expensive side so I do recommend going with a color you like.  You can also always find a look alike at Bebe that is more cost efficient, but as tight bandage dresses go, like the Herve Leger one, they never go out of style and they make the perfect investment piece.  This dress is truly a staple to have in your wardrobe.

Also you guys this dress is super flattering, so you get every penny worth that you spend on it!




Galentine’s Day

Alright you guys, as you’ve all heard our favorite holiday is only days away!!! That’s right it’s called Valentines Day! Now as many girls all over the world are thinking about this day and how sorry they feel for one another, think what Valentines Day means to you.  Yeah maybe some girls have a boyfriend, or you witness your parents exchanged cute glimpses from each other or those awkward kisses in the hallway that you try to avoid. But besides all those thoughts that you think of, step back and think about what really matters. YOU!

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Mexican fiesta

OK you guys, I don’t know about you, but if someone mentions guac and margaritas in the same sentence, I am in! (picture me running, it’s a very funny scene). It’s a Mexican fiesta up in here! Who’s with me? So, this recipe calls for bright colors, being Mexican themed and all. Not only do we have to look the part, but we have to dress the part too.  I mean hello people!!! Take out those sombreros and lets PARTY! Who doesn’t love getting dressed up and eating some of the best foods on this planet. Am I right?  If you said yes, which you should have because Mexican food rocks, you will need some of the essentials. These include party pants, a solid, basic blouse to compliment the party pants, flat sandals (we are approaching spring), and last but not least, that fabulous handbag of yours that I know you are oh so dying to bring out of the closet.  Voila! You can’t forget to show it off to everyone, of course.  Keep it mind, the theme is a Mexican fiesta, so don’t be afraid to really go crazy with the colors! Bold is better! Embrace it!  Continue reading “Mexican fiesta”


Ever feel like you just want to dance and be comfortable, yet stylish too? Hi guys! That’s me on vacation in Cabo. If you couldn’t already tell, I had so much fun playing with this outfit, so of course I had to take a mirror selfie! Feeling sassy and sexy in the sun is the perfect prescription for a fun night out.  You will need: a bright top, light weight cargo pants, and stiletto heels (preferably a neutral color). As you can see, I paired a hot pink blouse with grey, cotton cargo pants, and black stiletto heels. Shop the look down below.

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