Ever feel like you just want to dance and be comfortable, yet stylish too? Hi guys! That’s me on vacation in Cabo. If you couldn’t already tell, I had so much fun playing with this outfit, so of course I had to take a mirror selfie! Feeling sassy and sexy in the sun is the perfect prescription for a fun night out.  You will need: a bright top, light weight cargo pants, and stiletto heels (preferably a neutral color). As you can see, I paired a hot pink blouse with grey, cotton cargo pants, and black stiletto heels. Shop the look down below.

Hot Pink Blouse: http://lfstores.com

Cargo Pants:http://us.aritzia.com

Stiletto Heels: http://lfstores.com http://us.aritzia.com http://www.stevemadden.com/?cm_mmc=SEM-_-Google-_-Brand-_-2014&ploc=9030253&gclid=COHB3dzc2soCFRCTfgod540O0w