Galentine’s Day

Alright you guys, as you’ve all heard our favorite holiday is only days away!!! That’s right it’s called Valentines Day! Now as many girls all over the world are thinking about this day and how sorry they feel for one another, think what Valentines Day means to you.  Yeah maybe some girls have a boyfriend, or you witness your parents exchanged cute glimpses from each other or those awkward kisses in the hallway that you try to avoid. But besides all those thoughts that you think of, step back and think about what really matters. YOU!

That’s right, I said it.  Now that we’re all over the big surprise, really look at Valentines day as another holiday besides your birthday, to celebrate yourself! (this is where you smile) Treat your self people!!! I am not saying go out and eat 5 Krispy kreme donuts but buy that cashmere sweater you always wanted (no don’t use it to wipe your tears that won’t be necessary), get pampered (nails, hair, massages), or gather a bunch of your girlfriends and have a GAL-entine Day!!! I am talking MAJOR slumber party. Meaning pick up the phone and start dialing. Don’t wait for your friends to call you, because they won’t. They’re probably too busy crying their eyes out.  Save them.  Gather up your favorite things from endless chick flicks, cosmo mags, and ok maybe a little chocolate too. In the case in which you happen to be 21 years and older then skip the coco and go straight to the cosmos!!! Yeah?? Are we getting more excited? Awesome.

Now after all of the planning is done think about what you want to wear to this slumber party. Remember, this is one night filled with either chocolate or cosmos and in both cases, both can do damage which means your girlfriends are going to be blunt and they will give their opinion on whether or not your pjs are couture. You will be judged ladies. Pick the best of the best. When choosing your “comfy, cozy, cute look” remember were not going swimming and were not going clubbing so please be appropriate with your size choice if you know what I mean. Wildfox Couture is an adorable, yet chic label where you can find the perfect valentines attire.  Pair one of these simple tee’s with red knee high socks, red or pink terry cloth shorts, or if you’re really feeling it go out and buy that tutu you always wanted.  No mater what you decide to wear, always aspire to a little love, a little fabulousness and a little pink!!!



Red Hot Cosmo Wildfox