Party In The Back

When there’s a party in the front AND the back. Yes girl! Totally rocked this look that is hands down the most fun to wear! I had to bring out my classic, paisley, party pants, just this time I added more color to really give this look more oomph. I also love the incredible detail in this white, silk blazer.  I am not usually into crop tops but because these silk pants can be worn as high waisted, I thought both pieces balanced each other out! Also guys, my burgundy clutch with the big “J” on the front is Juicy Couture which is, like, extremely old.  (I’m talking like 10 years old, if you know what I mean)  At the time, this blazer was found at a boutique down the shore, but everything else from this outfit can be shopped down below.

Fringe Heels Coral Crop Top


The Original Combat Boot

Does anyone have that one pair of heels they can’t give up? Or how about those boots that look like they’re from the seventh grade and you know it’s time to let them go but you simply cannot.

Hey guys, so I am diagnosing myself with being a shoeacholic (shopaholic). Oh, you’ve never heard? HA. It’s for people like me who can’t give up the amazing combat boot they have had since the seventh grade, yes my foot has been a size 9 since the age of 12.  I know, it’s weird. Anyway back to my obsession with shoes, Steve Madden happen to create the fabulous combat boot in 2009, let me tell you, no other combat boot will ever compare I mean maybe Chanel, BUT if you are looking for a classy, edgy, chic boot this by far was it.  If he ever happens to remake this style, I can assure you I will buy 10 pairs.  I am obsessed with them!!! I think I have now brought them to the shoe hospital about 4 times.  That’s a lot of work for a little boot!

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