what to do when you don’t have a sarong

Hey Guys! Happy Monday! How was everyone’s weekend? I was out East and the weather was magical. I absolutely love being out there!

The second day I decided to wear this gorgeous, red, one-piece I scored from Revolve and it’s on sale! how cool is that? Booyyaaaa…. but we had one little issue. I went to go look for my cover up I thought I had packed for this specific bathing suit because you know I can never have too many cover-ups with me (haha) and I couldn’t find it 🙁 SOOOO, this is where I improvised!

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The Original Combat Boot

Does anyone have that one pair of heels they can’t give up? Or how about those boots that look like they’re from the seventh grade and you know it’s time to let them go but you simply cannot.

Hey guys, so I am diagnosing myself with being a shoeacholic (shopaholic). Oh, you’ve never heard? HA. It’s for people like me who can’t give up the amazing combat boot they have had since the seventh grade, yes my foot has been a size 9 since the age of 12.  I know, it’s weird. Anyway back to my obsession with shoes, Steve Madden happen to create the fabulous combat boot in 2009, let me tell you, no other combat boot will ever compare I mean maybe Chanel, BUT if you are looking for a classy, edgy, chic boot this by far was it.  If he ever happens to remake this style, I can assure you I will buy 10 pairs.  I am obsessed with them!!! I think I have now brought them to the shoe hospital about 4 times.  That’s a lot of work for a little boot!

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Morphe Makeup Brushes

So, recently, guys I have been looking for a travel makeup brush kit.  Let me tell you, it is not easy to find pretty brushes that do the job! After doing my research I found this adorable, compact, black and white striped makeup brush holder and better yet it holds 12 brushes! How crazy, right?

Wait… I didn’t tell you guys the best part, they cost $24. I mean come on.  Who are we kidding.  That’s $2 a brush! Now that I think of it I think my Chanel eye shadow brush, alone, was two times that price. I am not saying don’t spend money on makeup brushes but you don’t have to splurge on all of them!

So, if you guys are traveling or just in the mood for some new brushes, definitely look into these.  You will not be disappointed! Enjoy!


Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 1.03.00 AM

Year Round Booties

Ever need a cute ankle boot for all seasons of the year? Looking for that one, classic style to go with just about anything? Then you’re in luck! Bloomingdales never seems to disappoint. They always provide me with exceptional services and I know I can always count on their inventory being new and improved.

As always, I love a good slit to show some skin or better yet rhinestones, studs or sequins to give the boot more of an oomph.

So, with that being said, shop away 🙂

shop the look below.

left to right: Cole HaanRebecca Minkoff