My favorite sweater of the season, AND Gap is making a come back!!!

Hello guys!!! Happy Happy New Year, I had to share with you my favorite sweater of the season. This bright, vibrant, colorful sweater is from the Gap and I absolutely love it. Not only is it so warm but it’s so flattering too and the colors are fabulous! Overall this was a great purchase and I snagged it on sale! Even better, I know.

I paired mine with some plain white skinny jeans, I know it’s winter but I thought this look was gorgeous and so chic. To keep me extra warm and cozy, I added my caramel, furry coat. (Actually stole this from my mom’s closet, anyone else do this? lol)

Anyway guys, always try to add some color into your outfit even if it’s your socks. I know, all black outfits are fun but it’s always good to change it up a bit and add some color every now and then! Shop my sweater here, Gap Sweater (the one I am wearing)

shop some similar sweaters here Forever 21 sweater ,  and Free People sweater    

Party In The Back

When there’s a party in the front AND the back. Yes girl! Totally rocked this look that is hands down the most fun to wear! I had to bring out my classic, paisley, party pants, just this time I added more color to really give this look more oomph. I also love the incredible detail in this white, silk blazer.  I am not usually into crop tops but because these silk pants can be worn as high waisted, I thought both pieces balanced each other out! Also guys, my burgundy clutch with the big “J” on the front is Juicy Couture which is, like, extremely old.  (I’m talking like 10 years old, if you know what I mean)  At the time, this blazer was found at a boutique down the shore, but everything else from this outfit can be shopped down below.

Fringe Heels Coral Crop Top


Pink Lemonade

For all my girls out there who are not alcohol lovers, down to have a good time but not get white girl wasted, this post is for you. Who ever said you have to drink in order to have a good time is clearly shallow with no personality what so ever.


Here is when I introduce the famous pink lemonade and you now obsess over it.  (laugh people, that was suppose to be funny!)  This was taken in South Beach, Miami last spring, and let me just say the weather, my outfit, hair and this drink were ALL on point.  Ugh, missing sunny FL.

BUTTT me and swinks (my bff) are heading down in three weeks to the chicest, cutest, styling, pink everything, major hot spot…SLS Hotel. I can not wait! Warm weather and drinks on the beach are calling my name. Do you ever get like that, where you feel like you just need a vacation? HI! Thats me.  You could say I really need a vacation! Anyway you guys before I reveal too much about what’s going on in MIA, shop the perfect “arrived at the hotel, time for lunch” look down below. Don’t forget to snap me a pic with you and your go to beach drink!



Yellow Bikini  Pink Sunnies Zara Blue Shorts