I’m 22!!! Where did the time go?

Hey guys! This past weekend was my birthday weekend-yes, I celebrate my birthday for more than one day. haha! 

After celebrating at Lavo in NYC all night long on Saturday with my closest friends, I knew I wanted Sunday to be a relaxing, good ole, fun day at the beach! My grandma, mom and I went to Long Branch, ate some of the most delicious food at Avenue and then spent the rest of the day tanning and attempting to go into the ocean! The water was cold, can you blame us? It was so much fun and certainly a birthday to remember. 

Of course, my outfit was super colorful 🙂 



Pre Birthday Festivities- plastic, pink, pretty

Lets Talk Mean Girls. 

Everyone has interacted with one mean girl at one point in their life and I am sure there were a couple times where you thought, Gee- was that nice of me? Am I right?  If you guys know the movie “Mean Girls” then you have an idea as to what I am talking about!   Talk about shifting your perspective, WOW! The whole crew behind this show really did an outstanding job. This production went from girls ripping their friend’s hair out to sending positive messages out to one another real quick.  

You guys, this wasn’t like any other Broadway show I have seen but let me just say this was certainly a SHOW for sure! Everything from the wardrobe to the way the set was designed really captured the moment of the Mean Girls Movie and not to mention the acting was incred. But enough about the synopsis lets talk outfit deets, food and more! 

I decided to wear pink because we all know the plastics only wear pink on Wednesdays! Well it was Friday and my dad and I made SURE we wearing pink just for fun, ya know? See how I styled my outfit below! 

My Dad and I drove in Friday night and of course had to eat a little something before it was showtime. The palm sounded good. Dirty martinis with three olives is what we ordered and that was it. KIDDING!!! You’re looking at the biggest foodie over here. Ok let’s get serious, The Palm is known for steak so of course, we had to indulge. We shared the wedge salad as an Continue reading “Pre Birthday Festivities- plastic, pink, pretty”

Pink Lemonade

For all my girls out there who are not alcohol lovers, down to have a good time but not get white girl wasted, this post is for you. Who ever said you have to drink in order to have a good time is clearly shallow with no personality what so ever.


Here is when I introduce the famous pink lemonade and you now obsess over it.  (laugh people, that was suppose to be funny!)  This was taken in South Beach, Miami last spring, and let me just say the weather, my outfit, hair and this drink were ALL on point.  Ugh, missing sunny FL.

BUTTT me and swinks (my bff) are heading down in three weeks to the chicest, cutest, styling, pink everything, major hot spot…SLS Hotel. I can not wait! Warm weather and drinks on the beach are calling my name. Do you ever get like that, where you feel like you just need a vacation? HI! Thats me.  You could say I really need a vacation! Anyway you guys before I reveal too much about what’s going on in MIA, shop the perfect “arrived at the hotel, time for lunch” look down below. Don’t forget to snap me a pic with you and your go to beach drink!



Yellow Bikini  Pink Sunnies Zara Blue Shorts