I’m 22!!! Where did the time go?

Hey guys! This past weekend was my birthday weekend-yes, I celebrate my birthday for more than one day. haha! 

After celebrating at Lavo in NYC all night long on Saturday with my closest friends, I knew I wanted Sunday to be a relaxing, good ole, fun day at the beach! My grandma, mom and I went to Long Branch, ate some of the most delicious food at Avenue and then spent the rest of the day tanning and attempting to go into the ocean! The water was cold, can you blame us? It was so much fun and certainly a birthday to remember. 

Of course, my outfit was super colorful 🙂 



Crazy for COCONUTS

Hi guys! I hope everyone is enjoying their winter break.  I know I am since I am sitting on the beach with a coconut in my hand. Talk about fresh hehe It’s such a good feeling to finally have a break from reality and just relax! SO, that’s what I tried to do but like, hey, I needed that cute pic too!

Also, let me know if you guys like my bathing suit! I went a little crazy and thought why can’t pearls and high waisted bottoms come back into style? The best part of it all is that I went shopping in my mom’s closet LOL. Thanks mom.

P.S. I decided to not blow out my hair for one week (I know I must be crazy) but I totally was digging my curls and letting my hair go au naturrrraaaallll!!!  🙂

You do you

Ok, you guys, today I am all about facials, masks and hydrating our beautiful skin and how important it is to take care of. Am I right? I know we all need a facial from time to time whether we want to admit it or not, but I especially need one in the next few weeks.  Although I love warmer weather, the dryness isn’t always the best for our skin! So, with daily moisturizes and facial washes there is only so much cleansers can do.  I mean hello, who doesn’t want to be treated like a princess for the day. Nothing wrong with getting a little pampered here and there if you know what I mean.

This is me when I had just gotten one from the amazing Mario Badescu, I was so relaxed and felt so refreshed afterwards.  Nothing like a luxurious spa day 🙂 Also one of my amazing moisturizers that I am going crazy for right now is the Giorgio Armani Glow. I strongly recommend  you guys check their products out!


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