My Birthday is in One Week!

Ahhh! I am going to be 20…Happy early birthday to myself.  This is a throwback to my birthday last year of my Mom and I.  We always have so much fun wherever we go and I know I will always have the BEST time with her. There’s nothing like having a fashionable Mom, but not to mention a cool one who obviously has been to all the hottest places before you can even try and get a dinner reservation.  We got dressed up, got our makeup done at BG, did a little dancing and went to the Polo Lounge for dinner which was soooo yummy! We were having so much fun we almost dropped an absurd amount of money at the nicest suite at the St. Regis. Oh the memories… talk about “in the moment” kind of thing if ya know what I mean! hahaha shop my dress from below.

Dash Stores

Over The Years…

What else is there to do on a sunday afternoon then reminisce through old photos, am I right?  I thought this photo was too cute! The picture on the left is of me when I am 9 years old and the one on the right is me at 17 years old! How crazy! Times flies but one things that is for sure is that my favorite color is pink and the kissy face remains the same and will always be a classic signature of mine! I loved this.

You do you

Ok, you guys, today I am all about facials, masks and hydrating our beautiful skin and how important it is to take care of. Am I right? I know we all need a facial from time to time whether we want to admit it or not, but I especially need one in the next few weeks.  Although I love warmer weather, the dryness isn’t always the best for our skin! So, with daily moisturizes and facial washes there is only so much cleansers can do.  I mean hello, who doesn’t want to be treated like a princess for the day. Nothing wrong with getting a little pampered here and there if you know what I mean.

This is me when I had just gotten one from the amazing Mario Badescu, I was so relaxed and felt so refreshed afterwards.  Nothing like a luxurious spa day 🙂 Also one of my amazing moisturizers that I am going crazy for right now is the Giorgio Armani Glow. I strongly recommend  you guys check their products out!,default,sc.html

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