My Birthday is in One Week!

Ahhh! I am going to be 20…Happy early birthday to myself.  This is a throwback to my birthday last year of my Mom and I.  We always have so much fun wherever we go and I know I will always have the BEST time with her. There’s nothing like having a fashionable Mom, but not to mention a cool one who obviously has been to all the hottest places before you can even try and get a dinner reservation.  We got dressed up, got our makeup done at BG, did a little dancing and went to the Polo Lounge for dinner which was soooo yummy! We were having so much fun we almost dropped an absurd amount of money at the nicest suite at the St. Regis. Oh the memories… talk about “in the moment” kind of thing if ya know what I mean! hahaha shop my dress from below.

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