Smiling because I am getting on a plane one week from today. Yay! Vacations are some of my favorite times of the year because it’s a chance where I get to catch up with my family, relax and really enjoy this beautiful thing called: HAVING FUN! Who doesn’t have fun on family vacas? Am I right? This month I am heading to the land of all fun, the place where no one ever has to grow up… can you guess where? Well, if you thought Disney World, you’re a wizard.  I will be flying into Universal, going on some extreme roller coasters where my stomach will drop 10,000 feet but then I get to see sea world and go to Disney and so on and so fourth. Can you tell I am excited? 

SO, that being said, besides going on rides and running around all the parks, I will have down time by the pool and get to walk around at night time and that my friends is when the handy dandy sundress comes into play! This beautiful, lace black dress is perfect for any vacation.  I can’t stand when people say, “oh that looks too fancy” GIRL! you are never too fancy or overdressed. Understood? Cool! SO, anyway you guys sundresses make the perfect go to piece when you’re walking around on vacation especially when you want to be comfortable and look cute too!

That being said, if you don’t know what to wear on vacation, turn to the sundress because either way you can dress it up or down, and remember accessories can play a big role! Don’t forget to smile! Shop the look down below.

Black Sun Dress Straw Fedora Hermes Bracelets  Chan Luu