MY go-to outfit Cali edition

Hey Guys! I can’t stop thinking about my trip to cali! I had the best time! It was so much fun and since I was with friends it made the trip even better! we were constantly on the go so wearing something cute and easy was important to me. The worst feeling is running errands while being in tight clothes that restrict you so I made sure when packing I had outfits that could be worn to brunch but also for when I’m running from store to store to try on new things lol but you guys know what I mean. The last thing someone wants to hear is “my foot hurts or this top is is so annoying, etc” so I made sure I wore my fave skinny jeans by and paired it with this adorable off the shoulder top I bought at the beach years ago. Also can we discuss how cute my sandals are? Im obsessed! They are

make sure you guys check them out! 🙂 what are your go-to outfits? comment below!

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