My cute, little, Juicy Couture Bag you did me well!

OOKKK Guys!!! So, the other night I decided it would be a good idea to fill up my gas tank, keep in mind I am a jersey girl, which means it’s illegal to pump my own gas SOOO, what do you think happened? Of course, something went wrong, AND long story short, gas spilled all over me!! I know, scary.

As a result, I panicked but more importantly realized as long as I am safe that’s all that matters. I saved my clothes, brought my jacket to the dry cleaners but as a result my little, Juicy Couture bag that I have had for ten plus years!! Yes since I was probably 10 years old, is now completely ruined. The leather is just done, it smells like gasoline and lastly, it’s just worn out. Of course, when I told my mom, she said “that bag doesn’t owe you one cent” Meaning I have gotten so much use out of it that it’s okay to let it go.

SOOO, what’s my point here Danielle? I loved this maroon bag, I took it every where with me and just thought it was absolutely perfect because of its style and what it did for me. It was fashionable but also functional. What I realized was, it’s okay to let go of things that have served their purpose and it’s good to cleanse and get rid of old stuff! So, to my adorable little Juicy bag I love you but now it’s time for bigger and better bags 😉 As it says in my bag, have a juicy day and with that, I will be looking for a new fave! <3

What are some of your fave designer bags? Let me know! I want to hear from you guys!

XO Mainfashionista


It’s all in the details…

Omg!! This weather is soo amazing I couldn’t help but bring out this amazing, jean jacket. It’s oversized and it is the perfect wash for spring and summer. I love pairing jean jackets over any simple outfit and I feel as if it just adds that extra twist. Mine is from J.Crew 🙂

I obviously had to take a selfie that was up close and personal and show you guys all the special details. I love this metal hardware too! What’s your favorite jean jacket? Comment Below!!

Very Similar look  White Jean Jacket

Major Deal

Bloomies galore. That is all.

HI GUYS! What do we think of my new jacket? Pretty amazing right? I was so excited when I found this, it is so perfect for the winter and it’s SO cute. (surprisingly keeps me warm too!)

Ever feel like you have the best tops in the world but you don’t have any little bomber jackets? This was me until I found this hottie! Talk about a deal, I just went to bloomies and legit almost everything is on sale. It was originally $185 and ya girl over here paid $38. I know!!!! #proud

Check out how I styled it. For my first look I decided to get a little more dressed up so I paired it with skinny jeans and a black sweater and for a more casual look I went with these amazing, black stretchy pants that feel like leggings but are a little more flattering! This is the perfect look for any brunch or city day event with your besties <3


P.S. (as i laugh to myself) I was trying to put on my sunnies without ruining my nails lol let me know if this is a struggle for you guys to0!!

Crazy for COCONUTS

Hi guys! I hope everyone is enjoying their winter break.  I know I am since I am sitting on the beach with a coconut in my hand. Talk about fresh hehe It’s such a good feeling to finally have a break from reality and just relax! SO, that’s what I tried to do but like, hey, I needed that cute pic too!

Also, let me know if you guys like my bathing suit! I went a little crazy and thought why can’t pearls and high waisted bottoms come back into style? The best part of it all is that I went shopping in my mom’s closet LOL. Thanks mom.

P.S. I decided to not blow out my hair for one week (I know I must be crazy) but I totally was digging my curls and letting my hair go au naturrrraaaallll!!!  🙂

Kickin’ it with Adidas Tubular

My new favorite sneaker that is so comfortable and stylish too! I love a shoe I can throw on in between work out classes and lunch with my girls that is easy, chic and looks so cute with any outfit too!!! I obviously had to get them in this sexy, hunter green that I’m obsessed with!! What colors do you guys like? Tubular sneakers are my life so I may need to buy them in other colors too! ha!

Adidas Tubular Sneakers




You guys know how much I love a good selfie and I obviously had to snap one when I was visiting my BFF, Mikki!!! This romper was so, so cute and I remember I was so excited to check out the store Mixology in Woodbury, Long Island. I didn’t end up purchasing this amazing romper (am I having buyers regret?? Maybe!) BUT anyway LOVES, shop some adorable outfits below.