Year Round Booties

Ever need a cute ankle boot for all seasons of the year? Looking for that one, classic style to go with just about anything? Then you’re in luck! Bloomingdales never seems to disappoint. They always provide me with exceptional services and I know I can always count on their inventory being new and improved.

As always, I love a good slit to show some skin or better yet rhinestones, studs or sequins to give the boot more of an oomph.

So, with that being said, shop away 🙂

shop the look below.

left to right: Cole HaanRebecca Minkoff

You do you

Ok, you guys, today I am all about facials, masks and hydrating our beautiful skin and how important it is to take care of. Am I right? I know we all need a facial from time to time whether we want to admit it or not, but I especially need one in the next few weeks.  Although I love warmer weather, the dryness isn’t always the best for our skin! So, with daily moisturizes and facial washes there is only so much cleansers can do.  I mean hello, who doesn’t want to be treated like a princess for the day. Nothing wrong with getting a little pampered here and there if you know what I mean.

This is me when I had just gotten one from the amazing Mario Badescu, I was so relaxed and felt so refreshed afterwards.  Nothing like a luxurious spa day 🙂 Also one of my amazing moisturizers that I am going crazy for right now is the Giorgio Armani Glow. I strongly recommend  you guys check their products out!,default,sc.html

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Pink Herve Leger

I die for the color pink AND an Herve Leger dress. AHHHH!!! Speaking of one of my favorite all time looks. I rocked this pink Herve lever dress to my senior prom and I can assure you, it is the hottest dress for any occasion. Consider this your “go to” if you don’t know what to wear out.

Ya know what I mean?

Weddings, formals, bat mitzvahs, nights out in Miami, you name it you can wear it, so choose wisely.  Not only are the dresses extremely flattering but they have so many beautiful designs and patters it’s hard to turn one down! These dresses are on the more expensive side so I do recommend going with a color you like.  You can also always find a look alike at Bebe that is more cost efficient, but as tight bandage dresses go, like the Herve Leger one, they never go out of style and they make the perfect investment piece.  This dress is truly a staple to have in your wardrobe.

Also you guys this dress is super flattering, so you get every penny worth that you spend on it!




My Inspiration <3

Growing up in the fast pace life that NYC has to offer, I spent, and continually spend my summers in East Hampton, Long Island.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the beach but I also was envious of the days Suzy was at work.  At the time I didn’t think anything of the term “work” until I saw what Suzy did.  Thats when, “Suzy brings Danielle To work” started to happen.

Suzy is my aunt but when I was younger I really looked at her as the sister I never had.  She was my best friend just 20 years older than me. Anything you needed, she had already known.  It was like she was a walking and talking dictionary for boys, fashion, and exercise advise.  (specifically just that, but really any problem you had, you knew Suzy would always be there) I would watch her do her make up, her hair and most importantly pick out the outfit she was going to rock that night.  The first time I ever witness a flat iron was when i was in the bathroom, helping her get ready. “Don’t touch this, Danielle, It’s very hot” did I listen to her? No, why would I do that. I remember I burnt my arm so badly and she felt terrible. “I was only gone for 2 minutes, what did you do” I looked at her and just shrugged. I guess I just wanted tot try everything Suzy tried. LOL remember that suz?

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Galentine’s Day

Alright you guys, as you’ve all heard our favorite holiday is only days away!!! That’s right it’s called Valentines Day! Now as many girls all over the world are thinking about this day and how sorry they feel for one another, think what Valentines Day means to you.  Yeah maybe some girls have a boyfriend, or you witness your parents exchanged cute glimpses from each other or those awkward kisses in the hallway that you try to avoid. But besides all those thoughts that you think of, step back and think about what really matters. YOU!

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Hey girl hey! Today is all about that B&W action. Who doesn’t love a black and white cookie? haha! When am I not thinking of food, like c’mon people I need my sweets!!! Anyway guys, this weekend I had a lunch event to attend and I thought why not keep it more on the simple side.  This way I show up looking nice and refreshed.

I recently found out that Club Monaco is the go to place for any occasion where simplicity is needed. Paired below is a black skirt with a white, loose, strappy blouse, tucked in, with black heels. Also, since the weather is still a little weird, a jacket was necessary.  Although this jacket was purchased a while back, it is from H&M and there are many other look a likes.  Because the blouse is tucked into the skirt, I was able to play with this look and add a cropped jacket that was more on the boxy side. Don’t forget the selfie! Happy Saturday 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.41.53 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.41.42 PM

Romper Love

With winter coming to an end, and spring right around the corner, there is no better way to accessorize any outfit than with an oversized fedora hat.   Most people who love hats probably don’t think too much about a fedora when it’s hot out.  With my simple tips and instructions to pull off this look, you’ll be rocking every season of the year.

Lets get started!

You will need: A sundress or romper, wedged heels (in this case I went with some chunky ones), and funky jewelry to accessorize.  I especially love accessories because they can make any outfit turn from simple to spectacular in a matter of two seconds.

Shown below I paired a paisley, tie dye, lace romper that ties at the waistline, with gold jewelry, my chunky, beige, wedge heels and of course the fedora! Because my colors are more on the neutral side, I decided to go with a brown, felt fedora.


 Romper Wedge Booties  Fedora Baby Blue Hermes  Miansai Cuff

Mexican fiesta

OK you guys, I don’t know about you, but if someone mentions guac and margaritas in the same sentence, I am in! (picture me running, it’s a very funny scene). It’s a Mexican fiesta up in here! Who’s with me? So, this recipe calls for bright colors, being Mexican themed and all. Not only do we have to look the part, but we have to dress the part too.  I mean hello people!!! Take out those sombreros and lets PARTY! Who doesn’t love getting dressed up and eating some of the best foods on this planet. Am I right?  If you said yes, which you should have because Mexican food rocks, you will need some of the essentials. These include party pants, a solid, basic blouse to compliment the party pants, flat sandals (we are approaching spring), and last but not least, that fabulous handbag of yours that I know you are oh so dying to bring out of the closet.  Voila! You can’t forget to show it off to everyone, of course.  Keep it mind, the theme is a Mexican fiesta, so don’t be afraid to really go crazy with the colors! Bold is better! Embrace it!  Continue reading “Mexican fiesta”


Ever feel like you just want to dance and be comfortable, yet stylish too? Hi guys! That’s me on vacation in Cabo. If you couldn’t already tell, I had so much fun playing with this outfit, so of course I had to take a mirror selfie! Feeling sassy and sexy in the sun is the perfect prescription for a fun night out.  You will need: a bright top, light weight cargo pants, and stiletto heels (preferably a neutral color). As you can see, I paired a hot pink blouse with grey, cotton cargo pants, and black stiletto heels. Shop the look down below.

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