Carry On Essentials

Hey Guys!!! Happy Spring Break! OR at least maybe that’s the case for some of us! I am so excited because I leave for spring break tonight and have a lot of fun things planned in store! Below are some of my must-haves in my carry on! Enjoy! Let me know what you guys always bring with you! BTW  I use my Goyard tote as my carry on and I absolutely love it!

Beats by Dr.Dre
IPad Mini


Evian Spray
My Fave gum!


The cutest little key chain wallet! Mine is in hot pink!
My absolute Must! My lips get so dry so it is so important to keep them moisturized. Of course, my go-to product for my lips is always a fab lipstick! MAC has some of my faves! This color especially has been one of my go-to’s for the longest time. In the shade: Angel.
I always carry water with me where ever I go especially flying because you get so dehydrated SOOO make sure where ever you go you have some H2O on the go at ALL times! 🙂
Let’s talk snacks! if you’re thinking to yourself “I don’t ever get hungry, you and me both know that’s a lie! lol!! you can never be too prepared and I am so happy that I always have an extra bar or two with me on the go. My friends were munching on the new Blueberry Luna Bar and I had to try it! It is so freaking gooood! totally recommend, it makes the perfect pre-flight snack. Side note we ate Mexican food 15 minutes before our flight! haha! BUT you guys get the point. It never hurts to carry a snack especially when traveling.